What to expect in 2011?

Posted by | 08:51
1. Laptops - Sandy Bridge. In 2009 and 2010 Intel rolled out their  Nehalem  Intel   processor   microarchitecture which is better know as ...

HTC Desire HD priced

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The HTC Desire HD is now available at CMK Celphones for Php29,990 . That is a lot lower than the suggested retail price announced two months...

Skype for iPhone now officially supports video calls

Posted by | 05:26
Skype for iPhone now officially supports video calls. Sky is a Voice Over Internet Protocol service which will allow you to make free Skype-...

Nokia sells 4 million N8's

Posted by | 02:23
Phone Arena reports that since its October 2010 launch, Nokia has shipped between 3.5 to 4 million N8's. While it is nothing compared t...

Smart Communications 1.5GB cap on Mobile Internet Plans explained

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Yugatech explains Smart 1.5GB cap on Smart Communications Mobile Internet Plans: In order to avoid regular users from being affected by the ...

Lenovo S10-3 (5906-6559) @ Php12,990

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Lenovo S10-3 IdeaPad Netbooks are getting cheaper than ever and now there really is a good budget netbook. Lenovo Philippines has a lower en...

HTC Desire HD is here!

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The HTC Desire HD is now available at Top Electronics. We do not know how much. I am sure stocks wont last... this is the probably most awai...

RIM's PlayBook to be delayed due to battery life issues

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 It is amazing how fast information travels these days. I first saw if on Twitter which lead me to this article at Techie.com.ph , which quo...

Android Market now at 200,000 apps

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PhoneArena reports that Android now has 200,000 Apps . Considering that there were only 100,000 Apps for Android last August versus 300,000 ...

Insights from: Why I Chose an HTC Mozart Windows Phone

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Selecting a new gadget is a big deal. A digital camera is something I plan to keep for at least 3-4 years. My shiny new MacBook Air will hav...

Do techie's really hate Apple that much?

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I am an avid reader of Laptop Magazine, which had their Readers' Choice Awards earlier this month. In the Readers' Choice Award for ...

BlackBerry services in the Philippines: Sun Cellular

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Interestingly enough, Sun Cellular is the only company to offer a dedicated BlackBerry plan for the consumer market. Globe Telecom and Smart...

NoseDial for iPhone

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I saw this over at GSM Arena. An iPhone App which allows you to dial with your nose... Image from GSMArena Follow this link to find out why ...

8-inch Apple iPad?

Posted by | 01:28
The 7-inch Apple iPad rumors do not seem to die. Steve Jobs has explained as to why Apple wont be releasing a 7-inch iPad. "Apple has d...

BlackBerry services in the Philippines: Smart Communications

Posted by | 17:20
For the consumer segment, Smart Communications allows offers you unlimited access to BlackBerry services,  push email, BlackBerry Messenger,...

Samsung Wave 723

Posted by | 22:02
Hardware Zone has posted a mini-review of the Samsung Wave 723 . The Samsung Wave 723 runs on the same bada operating system the is used on ...

Globe Telecom now offers the BlackBerry Curve 9300

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Globe Telecom is now offering the new BlackBerry Curve, the newly released 9300. We really like the new entry level BlackBerry messenger sma...

The Tablet Beckons

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They have been with me, for what seems to be forever. My permanent daily companions have been the notebook and the smartphone. The notebook ...

HTC Desire is the best smartphone for 2010

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Techradar, in its article 20 best mobile phones in the world today , has just rated the HTC Desire the best smartphone in the world. No this...

Acer Aspire One 522: Next Generation Netbook released?

Posted by | 17:21
Macles reports that the Acer Aspire One 522 is out. This is one of the new next generation netbooks we have been writing about which will h...

iPad competitors won't hit the shelves till March 2011 (at the earliest)

Posted by | 17:06
For the next three to four months, it appears that the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are the only really viable options. Apple really di...

Smart Communications Android's

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Smart Communications has a couple of Android phones in their mobile phone line-up. While this is no the first time Smart has offered Android...

Lenovo Thinkpad EDGE 11

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While some of the best 13-inch laptops like the  Sony Vaio Z, MacBook Air or Toshiba Portege R705 weigh in at 3 pounds and make good daily c...