The best thin and light laptop for 2010: Battle of the Aluclads

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Laptopmag selected the Apple MacBook Pro as the best Thin-and-Light laptop for 2010 . A bit of a clarification, Thin-and-Light laptops are t...

Mobile phone display mega shootout

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A few days ago we wrote a short article focusing on the comparison of the different displays found on the high end mobile touchscreen phones...

My impressions of the Nokia N8

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I was at Rockwell yesterday and while picking up a extension cord at True Value I stopped by the Nokia store. Having read the GSMArena revie...

AMD Athlon Neo II "Netbooks": Acer Aspire One 0721 and Asus Eee PC 1215T

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Where do we classify the Acer 721 and Asus 1215T?  I am a bit hesitant to classify some of the larger netbooks in the market as netbooks. Th...

Aren't mobile phones supposed to be free? Not anymore.

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Earlier this month, Sun Cellular claimed to have breached the 1 million postpaid subscriber base this month, which is more than Globe Teleco...

Windows Phone 7: Too expensive and little too late?

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Windows PocketPC/Mobile OS used to be the most popular smartphone and PocketPC software. The PocketPC died and Symbian took away that smartp...

Acer's new TimelineX laptops - 1830T, 3820T and 4820TG

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Best laptops buys for 2010. In the third and fourth quarter this year, Acer rolled out it second generation of Timeline laptops, now called...

Where do the e-Book reader and Tablet fit in?

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More than decade ago, I would slip a cellular phone into a pouch strapped onto my belt, place my appointment book, a legal sized pad, and a ...

Buying a high end touch screen phone? The display is an important consideration - IPS Retina v. Super AMOLED v. S-LCD

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I remember still remember when which phone to buy was dependent on how may phone numbers it could store. Later, on Nokia made its name with ...

The ultimate business ultraportable for 2010: The Sony Vaio Z (VPCZ128GG)

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The king of the hill The MacBook Air is probably the most chic laptops to own right now. Lenovo's Thinkpad X201, with its Thinkpad label...

Apple MacBook or Apple MacBook Pro

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One question often asked is whether the additional MacBook Pro is worth the additional price premium over the MacBook. The MacBook, priced a...

Best budget Android phones

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We have an updated budget Android smartphone guide at this link. When I asked my phone savvy friends what touchscreen Smartphone to get, the...

QWERTY or Touchscreen?

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I have been using a QWERTY messenger phone for the past four years, since my telecom service provider, Smart Communications, had been offeri...

MacBook Advantage - Its all in the battery

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People buy MacBook's for many reasons. The prices have significantly gone down the past few years, making them much better deals. Build ...

Which ultraportable - 11.6" or 13.3"?

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Five years ago, the traditional urltraportable was a 12.1" laptop with a 10.6" x .6" x 1.1 inch chassis and weighing in a 3.2...

How iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry see each

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This caricature of how iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry see each other by C-Section comics  users is probably the funniest thing I have se...

Android set to rule

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The biggest battle in the world of personal computers, is not Intel v. AMD or Windows v. Mac OS. Those battles were decided a long time ago,...