Smart Communications Android's

Smart Communications has a couple of Android phones in their mobile phone line-up. While this is no the first time Smart has offered Android phones, they were offered with their mobile internet plans and not their regular plans. 

HTC Wildfire

The two units currently being offered by Smart are the HTC Wildfire and Acer Ferrari Liquid E, both of which are being offered for free at Smart Gold Plan 2500, with a two year contract. Smart is not offering any higher end or lower end Android. At the high end Smart seems to have committed itself to Windows Phone 7 and the HTC Mozart. On the lower end, you find a gaggle of Nokia Symbian phones.

Acer Liquid

The HTC Desire and Desire HD would make better competitors to rival Globe Telecoms Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S. Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular also offer the Samsung Galaxy 5 as entry level smartphones. Smart should contact LG and see about getting their Optimus One. 

Still it is good to see Androids in Smart's regular phone line-up.