Cowon X7: Touch Screen player with hard drive in the test

The market for MP3 players degenerates more and more of a niche in the electronics business. This is nothing new, is taken into account, has grown strongly as the market for mobile phones. In the upper segments are smartphones as a compact all-rounder really any task from simple text to word processing, and of course control the music player. In the meantime, however, even simple devices are often used as an MP3 player. Models that lack this feature, can sell only with difficulty. The trend seems to go to a mobile device that can do everything. This applies not only to cell phones, and device classes, such as Tablet PCs, netbooks, and most recently the iPad be used as a portable music player. The playback of audio files is so long no more property to justify a product that is itself specialized. An exception to this is here is still Apple's iPod, that while in their own home with the iPhone a strong competitor, but still enjoys some popularity. Apple's iPod models apparently have features that appeal to customers despite the alleged redundancy of an MP3 player. This can be well in ease of use, design, and not least, see the large number of apps and the Wi-Fi support of the iPod Touch. Thus, the iPod has earned a place on the market, so Apple has a near monopoly.

The Korean manufacturer Cowon however, claims to be a producer of premium-quality player. The touch-screen that we tested recently Player J3, which is placed in the segment of the iPod Touch could indeed quite convincing, but some outstanding features.
An attack on the iPod Classic now starts with the Cowon X7, of the European market is not yet available. The player has as main storage, a hard disk with a capacity of 120 or 160 gigabytes and is already on so much of the market, which mainly holds models with flash memory. Also rare is the combination of ordinary hard drive and touchscreen, which offers not even the iPod. Unusually this is the way of the display: It is not itself a capacitive screen, registered the touch of an electric current, but an actual touch-sensitive surface that must be pressed easily. This technique is far less common than the usually built-in capacitive touch screens. Our review of the Creative ZEN X-Fi 2 was clearly pressure-sensitive screen on the weaknesses of this type of screen.
The more tense we were in the X7, the set with hard drive and touch-sensitive display a unique niche. Whether the Cowon X7 for a wider audience than the typical right-Cowon small target group of buyers with special attention to the acoustic features and high quality workmanship can be interesting, our test shows an imported X7 model.