Silicon Power 64GB Compact Flash card shows

The end of the magnetic memory is coming to an end, each month describing recent SSDs with more capacity, higher speeds and lower prices. That this development to other areas of the electronic memory of spills is all too logical.

With a capacity of 64GB, this is the largest Compact Flash card from Silicon Power program, which receives the 600x rating. This ensures transfer rates of 90MB / s, and is thus higher than that of current notebook hard drives. But speed is only one of the features that are available in 64Gb 600x on the credit side. (pictured an older model with only one classification 400x)

Thus offers the Compact Flash card, thanks to an intelligent controller wear leveling, which distributes the write requests dynamically to increase the life span as well as the ECC error correction and various access modes UDMA, which serve to relieve the CPU. The whole package is called at Silicon Power TurboMLC and for once take this concept even. Thus, no need to make professional users worried about their memory card, these come with a lifetime warranty. An exact price or availability is not yet known, but this should change within the next few weeks.
source:TechConnet Magazine