The "shorter" 7-hour battery life on the new 2011 MacBook Pro's is actually longer

Posted by | 18:08
When Apple launched their MacBook Air's last year, they implemented a new system for measuring battery life. My experience with the 7-ho...

New backdoor Trojan targets Mac OSX users

Posted by | 09:20
Sophos one of the worlds leading developers and sellers of security software reports that there is a new backdoor Trojan in town and it targ...

Day 8 with the HTC Desire HD: Typing Speed and Size

Posted by | 06:08
The big 4.3-inch screen really enhances hand held web browsing Typing Speed.  For the nearly 5 years I have been using a phone with a physic...

Android for Laptops?

Posted by | 16:46
A lot of the software we run today, ran fine back in the days when all we had under the hood was a 350MHz and 64GB of RAM. No matter how fas...

So what happens to 16GB iPad "1"?

Posted by | 09:16
With just over two days to go till we get the actual specifications of the new Apple iPad 2. Specifications have been leaked by "reliab...

Philippine Android Community and Globe Android Apps

Posted by | 18:35
Yesterday, I attended the Second Philippine Android Community (PhAC) Meet Up. I found out about this group on Twitter (@ PHL_Android ). The ...

TipidPC & TipidCP

Posted by | 18:15
TipidPC and TipidCP is a Philippine market and forum. TipidPC was originaly a trading post for second hand personal computers, parts and ...

Day 5 with the HTC Desire HD: Applications and Content

Posted by | 19:05
Over decade ago I was a Power Downloader, I would spend hours on the net searching for the latest software. A friend of mine joked that the ...

2011 MacBook Pro's roll out

Posted by | 06:13
Apple has released its new 13-inch MacBook Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro and 17-inch MacBook Pro. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is available in two con...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and HTC Flyer pricing

Posted by | 04:46
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GSM Arena has the prices for the newly announced 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab and the WiFi only model of the 7-inch...

February 24, 2011 is XOOM day

Posted by | 18:46
The Motorola XOOM is out, and we now have our first reviews. I think this tablet's specifications are a bit too good, resulting in a pri...

Smartphone Postpaid Unlimited Mobile Internet Plans: Sun's Call and Surf, Globe's Super Surf and Smart's Unlimited Data Plan

Posted by | 05:23
Every broadband service provider claims to provide the highest speeds. If you go to various forums and check users experiences, feedbacks va...

Day 3 with the HTC Desire HD: Managing battery life

Posted by | 09:04
I am still focused on how to manage the battery life of my HTC Desire HD. The HTC Desire HD finished charging just before midnight, and I op...

Around the Web - Not all is well on the Android tablet front

Posted by | 08:54
Engadget reports  that the Motorola Xoom won't support flash at its launch. The feature will be added in Spring 2011 (March to May 2011...

Day 1 with the HTC Desire HD

Posted by | 07:37
I decided to take the plunge and picked up a HTC Desire HD. Many things told me I should not buy this phone. It is more than I really need, ...

Acer Iconia-484G64ns dual touchscreen laptop

Posted by | 20:06
The dual touchscreen Acer Iconia laptop has landed on Philippine shores. This dual touchscreen laptop can be used as a giant 28-inch tablet,...

Around the Web - $600 Xoom, Angry Birds and people who hate phones

Posted by | 19:04
Motorola Xoom tablet at US$600. Red Herring reports that the WiFi only version Motorola Xoom, a 10-inch dual core Android tablet will be so...
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Are you tethered to your laptop?

Posted by | 20:35
Is the Web your virtual cage? Twelve years ago, I got my first very own desktop and my first very own dial up connection. With a 60 hour per...

Smart's Netphone and WAC

Posted by | 17:44
We recently wrote about, what we call, the ChinaDroid . These are low cost, good quality Google Android powered powered phones which we expe...

Around the Web - Smartphones, Windows Phone 7 and Gingerbread updates

Posted by | 09:25
The year of the smartphone (not the tablet).  PhoneArena has a report on a study by Gartner's showing what gadgets U.S. consumers inten...

Is 2011 the year of the ChinaDroid army?

Posted by | 21:26
This article rambles a bit, so please bear with me. The year 2010 say Google's Android Operating System rise into prominence, and is poi...

MWC 2011 Awards

Posted by | 10:53
The awards for best products of 2010 were given out at Mobile World Congress 2011. Best Mobile App - Angry Birds Best Mobile Device - Apple ...

Which Android manufacturers can be trusted to upgrade their phones?

Posted by | 08:59
J.R. Raphael of ComputerWorld wrote an article entitled Android upgrades: Which manufacturers can you trust . It studies which manufacturers...

Canon EOS 600D: mid-range DSLR with swiveling screen

Posted by | 23:39
For a long time to enjoy the mid-range SLR cameras from Canon and it is very popular and time again that this division experienced a (small)...
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Three new 2011 HTC Androids and a tablet

Posted by | 00:10
Here are some details on three new HTC Android smartphones and a Android tablet. HTC Incredible S Screen: 4-inch, 800 x 480. Processor: 1GHz...
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My thoughts on MWC 2011 and the dual core craze

Posted by | 19:44
Mobile World Congress 2011 is on, an as expected Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and practically every other company is releasing a new dual cor...
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The real reason why Nokia chose Windows Phone 7

Posted by | 19:23
Choosing Windows Phone 7 as Nokia's primary smartphone strategy is  actually in line with their Symbian strategy. Nokia really had to fi...