April 2011 Smartphone buyers guide

Posted by | 19:25
Prices updated on April 7, 2011 The dual core phone are not here yet..., No high end phones... We are not recommending you buy anything over...

Delayed iPhone 5 release rumours

Posted by | 19:08
There have been numerous reports that the iPhone 5 will not be released in June 2011, but will be delayed to later in the third or fourth qu...

HTC EVO 4G Tablet Presented

Posted by | 18:26
The struggle of the tablet is started a few days into his second round. Apple presented with the iPad 2, submitted yesterday by Samsung with...
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Cyborg R A T 9: Gaming Mause mal anders

Posted by | 22:32
Players mouse: Soft, small animals, which is often found in the vicinity of powerful computers, rarely occurs without a tail, and an ergonom...

New in the dispute between Sony and GeoHot

Posted by | 22:20
The name of George Hotz is probably not very many of you say something, rather it should be known by his nickname "GeoHot. Originally f...
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Optimizing your wireless connection speeds

Posted by | 02:19
This article was first posted in  Mobility Philippines  on June 27, 2007. To some degree it is still relevant today so I am reposting it her...

The slow pace of the Nokia plus Microsoft

Posted by | 18:22
Nokia is in a tough position. Having announced in February 2011 that the company will be moving to the Windows Phone 7 platform, it basicall...

PLDT to buy 52% of Digitel...

Posted by | 02:24
GMA News reports that PLDT will buy 52% of Digitel. When the deal is done, this would effectively place Sun Cellular under the control of P...

The Apple iPad 16GB WiFi versus the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010

Posted by | 19:33
Both of the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, are no longer the latest and greatest, with newer more powerful dual core tablets set to ...

Netbook versus Tablet: Acer Aspire One 522 v. Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010

Posted by | 09:28
With the price of the entry level Apple iPad having dropped to below Php20,000 earlier this month, we decided to do a netbook versus tablet ...
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WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010

Posted by | 18:42
Browsing over at CMK Cellphones I noticed they now have the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 available. Specifications are identical to t...

Around the Web: 7-inch tablets get a new lease on life

Posted by | 17:18
I thought 7-inch tablets were dead with Google Android Honeycomb tablet OS being design around a 1280 x 800 10.1-inch screen. But it looks l...

Around the Web - Of monster phones and mini tablets

Posted by | 02:38
Monster phones. Last year, Steve Job's commenting on the 4-inch and larger Android phones which had than just hit the market said  "...
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Samsung strikes back

Posted by | 11:14
At the Mobile World Congress in February of this year, Samsung announced its Galaxy Tab 10.1, which looked like it was designed to beat the ...

Gametrix Chaser:From Racer To The Hunter

Posted by | 02:39
As good as any of our male readers (and certainly for the sake of equality, some women) certainly had ever dreamed of sitting behind the wh...
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Mac OSX 10.6.7 update out

Posted by | 01:10
There is a new updated version of Snow Leopard out. If you have one of those new 2011 MacBook Pro's with the Intel HD graphics who have ...

Sony plant VAIO Laptop mit Chrome OS

Posted by | 23:00
In addition to notebooks and netbooks going on for some time on another niche that Sony is now targeting: Smart Books. It almost seems as if...
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