AMD Radeon HD 6970 / 6950 water cooler in comparison

It's always the same game, same great Wait which spans the enthusiasts on the rack. With each Introduction of the latest graphics cards from Nvidia or AMD will start the time the development of alternative cooling solutions.

For some, a friend of the cool water this week after the release so counted on a daily basis. For it happens sometimes that one or another manufacturer for the new releases appropriate coolers time allows. And by then a newly purchased video card the last nerve with their loud standard coolers has been sawn off. Sure this may all sound exaggerated, but it will certainly give users who know exactly what we mean.

For this reason we made ​​it, take the big names of the market in our test system against each other to read. There will be in this test not only old values​​, their skills to the test. This time is also a candidate from overseas and this will have for the competition must. Apart from German manufacturers such as computers and Aqua Cool Water is joined by EK XSPC and in the round. From overseas we received also a model from Koolance. All in all we have to date five of the most reputable manufacturers that compete on the market for the favor of buyers.

We would like to take this opportunity to, Cool Water and Aqua Computers for their cooperation and the available sample