App store wars

Business Insider reports that Google's Android Market is closing in with the Apple App Store.

Year on year, Apple has doubled the number of App available at its app store going from 170,000 apps in March 2010 to 350,000 apps in March 2011. During the same period the Android Market went from 50,000 apps to 250,000 apps. This means that in the past year, 180,000 apps were added to the Apple app store while 200,000 apps were added to the Android Market, which is not really much of a lead.

But there does seem to be some momentum in Google's favor. Since October 2010, the Apple App store added 115,000 apps, while the Android Market added 150,000 apps. Based on these figures it looks like the Apple store will keep it leads for the remainder of the year.

I really wonder if it really matters though. Other than the pre-installed App's on my HTC Desire HD, I have twelve more apps downloaded for the app store. The HTC does come with more than your usual amount of pre-installed and custom apps. Still several hundred quality apps should be more than enough for anyone. It is nice to have choices, but not necessarily too many choices.