Cyborg R A T 9: Gaming Mause mal anders

Players mouse: Soft, small animals, which is often found in the vicinity of powerful computers, rarely occurs without a tail, and an ergonomically shaped. Always? We ask you today a copy, which so totally does not want to meet the standard. But strictly speaking, these are more like a robot, namely, the cyborg COUNCIL 9.

The brand is likely to be most Cyborg Unknown, the parent company probably also MadCatz, Saitek should, however, the bulk of a term in reference to mice and co. be. Similar to its CM Storm Cooler Master Spawn blowing here to attack the major competitors Razer and Logitech, and also whether this succeeds, we are now trying to clarify in our detailed review.

The core element of R.A.T. 9 However, the possibility is they customize their own hands, which makes the label "Cyborg" credit. For many, it is to be identified only at second glance as a computer mouse, this is the right wrist and finger support interchangeable. But that was not all a mouse like this, we have not really seen before. But not everything new must automatically be good, right? What is more, it has also solved the wireless operation back on its own way, namely with two batteries, one of which should put one at any time in the charger.