Gametrix Chaser:From Racer To The Hunter

As good as any of our male readers (and certainly for the sake of equality, some women) certainly had ever dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of a 500 hp car and to drive these on famous tracks like the Nurburgring and Silverstone. Since this privilege should remain subject to racers and millionaires, there is a simple solution, as are from initial arcade games such as Need for Speed ​​2 become realistic simulations, both in terms of graphics and in terms of physics

With such realistic games, there is often no longer possible, the race cars as they used to steer with the arrow keys on the keyboard on the asphalt, so for enthusiastic drivers an investment in appropriate equipment is essential, because: a steering wheel and pedals must be found. They range from inexpensive models to the combination of genuine Recaro racing seat with leather steering wheel and gear shift.

Since only a few can afford such a thing, or even interest we dedicate ourselves today to the Gametrix Chaser. The young Russian company intends to establish itself now in this country and brings to the chase - to German hunters, trackers - a combination of steering wheel and pedals with sophisticated technology. For in contrast to most steering wheels, the angle of rotation is determined by a variable resistor (potentiometer) in this process Gametrix Chaser using a magnet and a sensor, but we explain this in more detail later.

We will do so today show whether it has the potential to compete against the competition and whether it is a worthwhile purchase for all virtual racing driver.