Globe Telecom: "Androids for All"

While we were busy watch Smart Communications announce their new "Netphone" labeled smartphones and tablets at the World Mobile Congress as part of their "smartphones for all initiative"... Globe Telecom quietly released a whole slew of Android's at plans that would make that dream a reality. Looks like the smartphone wars are heating up.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

Here is a quick list of Globe Telecom's new offerings:

Plan 499 - Samsung Galaxy 5 and Huawei Ideos

These two are not really new offers, The Huawie Ideos having been offered since February. The Samsug Galaxy 5 is down to Plan 499 from Plan 999.

Plan 999 - Samsung Galaxy Mini and Huawei Ideos S7 Tablet
Plan 1799 - HTC Wildfire and Samsung Galaxy Ace
Plan 2499 - Samsung Galaxy Tab