GlobeLabs CodeSpark 2011 Cycle 2

For Symbian application developers, GlobeLabs CodeSpark 2011 Cycle 2 is open for registration.
CodeSpark 2011 will be having a second cycle this year. Developers who failed to join the first cycle and submit proposals last February 15 can now enter this program's Cycle 2. Here's the timeline: 
March 15: Submission Deadline of Application Proposal

April 1: Approval of Application Proposal 
April 15, May 1 and May 15: Submission and Presentation of Application for Review 
May 31: Publication of Application to Nokia OVI Store 
This is now your chance to get recognized and showcase your applications to over 1 million OVI users in the Philippines.  To start building applications for this program, visit Globe Labs' CodeSpark 2011 page.  An App Development Support of USD1,000 will be granted for every successful application that will be published in Nokia OVI store.
All we can say is that we are very impressed by the support given by Globe Telecom to Philippine App developers, in what should be a mutually beneficial exercise.