New in the dispute between Sony and GeoHot

The name of George Hotz is probably not very many of you say something, rather it should be known by his nickname "GeoHot. Originally from the U.S. Hacker is currently in a legal dispute with Sony for the most of his third January 2011 published on his blog root keys of the PlayStation 3

The born in October 1989, George Francis Hotz, who describes himself geohot, million75 mil or called, is partly due to his exploits for the Apple iPhone and iPad quite well known. He worked on since late 2009 with a PlayStation 3 Hack. A small victory, however, Sony has won yet: GeoHot was an interim order (Temporary Restraining Order) forced to put its entire technical equipment is available and no longer allowed to make further changes to it.

The video is of course not to be taken seriously as GeoHot explains in his own blog ( In that same blog he has called to support him financially so he can afford an appropriate defense. Apparently he had underestimated his popularity strong, because in less than a day he had enough money and has finished the first round of donations it. The rest of the blog is mostly structured as a FAQ section in the GeoHot anticipate possible questions and answers.

The gap through which can hack the PS3, can not seem to easily resolve by patch, so the damage is quite large for Sony.

Hotz claims that Sony would bring the proceedings in the length, in order to finally win a simple resource battle, as the company expands, according to Hotz to consider the case as the length to go out to him the means. Sony had requested a transfer of proceedings to California, the headquarters of the company in America. Also a big issue is, how far can the lawyers of Sony during the search of geohot disks. Most recently, she had demanded to be allowed free selling his e-mails.

If you think about it to jailbreak his own PS3, the soltle to be aware about the devices that are caught with Jailbreak for online games will be forever banned from the Playstation Network. George Hotz, who is sure to be right (according to his blog: "For example, I believe that Apple has every right to their iPhone to foreclose in the factory so they want it, but once it paid for and mine I have to crack the right to destroy, to find Jailbreaks to look at it and hack it "), the situation remains loose.
We will of course continue to keep you up to date in the case of Sony vs. George Hotz "