Some eye-popping prices

Nokia E7 @ Php32,000. Nokia is taking pre-order for it's Nokia E7. The E7 is Nokia's newest Symbian 3 powered phone and based on its price is the company's latest flagship. The asking price is Php32,000, which puts it the same price range as the top of the line smartphones. But what do you get for that price? You get a 4-inch  AMOLED clear black touchscreen, but it's 360 x 640 resolution is well below what you expect from todays top of the line smartphones. Like Nokia's previous flasgship the N8, it has some top class features like 16GB of internal storage, USB on-the-go, 720p HDMI out and a dual led flash, but losses the MicroSD card slot and instead of the 12MP autofocus camera on the N8, comes with a 8MP  fixed focus camera. It really makes us ask why? And lets not forget that Symbian S3 is really starting to get old, and is on its way out.

If you are looking for a good QWERTY slider phone these days, we really would recommend the HTC Desire Z instead. You will save 9K on the price tag and get a better overall package. You have to be really out of touch to buy a Nokia E7 for 32K.

HTC Flyer. GSM Arena reports that the HTC Flyer is now available for pre-order at 500 British pounds, which is 600 pounds after VAT. That would put the price in the Philippines at nearly Php40,000. While HTC did a good job with the user interface, is unique coming with a stylus and is our preferred 7-inch size, 40K for a single core tablet running Android 2.4 is going to be a hard sell.