Sony plant VAIO Laptop mit Chrome OS

In addition to notebooks and netbooks going on for some time on another niche that Sony is now targeting: Smart Books. It almost seems as if the producers wanted to dominate every inch of display size for its own form factor in order to sell new devices. The planned book with VAIO Smart Chrome OS is no exception, but it sounds technically very interesting.

Looking at the specifications, it is a smart bookmark to a notebook based on Smartphone, and that this factor is to make the devices so interesting. Built in such way you have a Tegra2 Dual core porcessor that will provide with its 1GHz clock and the powerful graphics processor for the appropriate speed. Coupled with a gigabyte of RAM and 16GB flash memory eMMC reminds very much of the unit current tablets. In Gegensatzu to these there is an 11.6-inch display with 1366 x 768 pixels, and a normal laptop keyboard. Equipped with a nondescript Battery to the VAIO Smart Network Book operate independently up to 8 hours, although there is Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth can be used. The whole device is here only weigh about 1kg, and comes to the former founder of netbooks, the Eee PC 701, dangerously close.

The plan is to present the device for the middle of this year, and will probably cost around 600 €. Whether there are up to that other Smart Books by other manufacturers is difficult to predict. The step to be able to only use Chrome and OS alone, but could be a problem for Sony when the software is not being maintained actively enough.

Source: TechConnect Magazine