Smart Awesome Tablet

Posted by | 07:17
SMART Communications is offering a new low cost Android tablet, the 7-inch Froyo powered (Anroid 2.2) tablet bundled with its Smart Bro pack...

Sapphire EDGE HD and Zotac ZBOX ID41 / AD02

Posted by | 14:35
Who does not know the nights when you just kills the time in the network. Man chats up into the night with friends, reads the current favori...

We are off DISQUS

Posted by | 00:00
On April 6, 2011 which switched to DISQUS for posting comments on this blog. Since than, there seem to have been less comments... so we are ...

Apple iPhone 4 in white at last

Posted by | 20:29
Believe it or not, but the 1 April is already behind us, and therefore the message is actually true: the Apple iPhone 4 is now also availa...

The Apple iPad 2 is now in the Philippine online Apple Store

Posted by | 17:35
The Apple iPad 2 is now at the online Apple Store (Philippines), which means you can probably pick one up at the closest Apple retailer in a...

Ubuntu 11.04 is out!

Posted by | 17:17
Ubuntu 11.04 , and it new controversial interface is out. The older version, Ubuntu 10.10 is supported with updates for another year for tho...

Google releases and official Google Docs app

Posted by | 17:08
One thing which has been missing for a long time is a official an Google Android app for Google Documents. We have had GDocs ad My Docs - Go...

What do you think of touchscreen QWERTY messenger phones?

Posted by | 22:57
Two form factors have emerged as the predominant smartphone designs today. The touchscreen, most popularly represented by Apple iPhone, and ...

Why I am not big on tablets

Posted by | 21:51
My HTC Desire HD is by far the most expensive phone I have ever purchased and is by far the best smartphone I have ever owned. It has relega...

Samsung Omnia 7

Posted by | 10:35
The smartphone market is growing and flourishing. While earlier iPhones and business phones were still the exception, the powerful mobile p...

The Apple iPad 2 at your local Power Mac stores by April 29

Posted by | 18:37 reports that the Apple iPad 2 will be on sale at the local Power Mac Center by April 29. Retail price is expected to be at ap...

Motherboard Sapphire "PURE Black X58"

Posted by | 08:30
The disaster of Intel's latest chipsets, the 6 Series has attracted a lot of attention, and one or the other will have been angry about...

Asus throws down the gauntlet

Posted by | 22:15
By launching Asus Eee Pad Transformer at US$399, Asus "has put other companies on notice. Anyone releasing a tablet above $400 will now...
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Around the Web: PlayBook, Arc and Gingerbread

Posted by | 20:12
Work has kept my away from blogging, and in the fast paced mobile device arena, a lot happens in a week.  PlayBook. The BlackBerry PlayBook...
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Is there a Tablet Market?

Posted by | 09:05
An interesting point was raised in a PCMag article on the BlackBerry Playbook .  Still, when I pressed him on the missing e-mail functionali...

Apple Magic Mouse und Aluminium Keyboard

Posted by | 10:48
There are various types of input devices. Whether it is a graphic tablet, touch screen or the normal, well-known keyboard. But none of these...
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Gaming Mouse - 5000 Mionix Naos

Posted by | 10:32
Gaming Mouse has a long history. From the past until today, much has happened. Currently, the gaming mice come with glossy surfaces, so muc...

Lenovo Thinkpad X201i

Posted by | 07:02
The Lenovo Thinkpad X201i finally finds its way to the Philippine consumer market. A bit of a rant. My only complaint with the local Lenovo ...

HTC Desire S is now available @ CMK Cellphones, lower prices for other HTC Phones

Posted by | 17:39
HTC Mozart is now available for just Php20,500 The HTC Desire S is being offered by CMK Cellphones at a price of Php22,300, which is Php1,2...

HTC Sensation Higher resolution and dualcore processor

Posted by | 19:44
Finally we managed to even the popular smartphone manufacturer HTC has announced his first mobile phone with dual-core processor . After on...
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Smart Communications HTC Desire S and Sony Ericsson Arc Promo

Posted by | 21:38
Am a bit busy these days, so I cannot spent much time posting, but I could not ignore this one. Smart Communications is now offering the HTC...

PC QR Code Generator

Posted by | 21:19
If you are looking for a way to creat QR codes or Quick Response specific matrix barcodes from your personal computer, QR Droid has a webpag...

HTC Desire S is now available @ Top Electronics

Posted by | 20:47
The HTC Desire S, one of HTC new for 2011 smartphones is now available at Top Electronics . As per the posted specifications the HTC Desire ...

Turning a technological corner

Posted by | 07:24
If you asked me to choose between my laptop and my smartphone I would not really be able to give up either device. But with todays 4-inch pl...

Windows Phone 7 to be No. 2 by 2015?

Posted by | 20:46
Gartner predicts Windows Phone 7 will overtake Apple's iPhone in market share and being number two behind Android by 2015:   This predic...

Nvidia GeForce GTX 560

Posted by | 07:52
Some of it was happy, others surprised and in some only a puzzled look conjured up in his face, as revived Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 with the ...

We are now on DISQUS

Posted by | 08:19
A reader recommended that I use Disqus for my blog, so here it is. The only drawback, is the current 100 comments already made no longer app...

Gingerbread lands in the Philippines - The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc X12 is here

Posted by | 02:05
The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc X12 is now available in the Philippines. It is the first Android 2.3 Phone to be officially offered in the Phil...

Samsung Notebook 900X3A - SammyAir

Posted by | 01:48
The Samsung Series 9 is now available in the Philippines. Specifically the model sold here is the  Samsung Notebook 900X3A which has the fol...

Intel's X79 is the new high end chipset for Sandy Bridge E

Posted by | 21:54
Three generations the same patterns and now this, but we are already there from the P67 chipset used to want to dance now somewhat out of li...
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Nokia E7 - Priced out of the market

Posted by | 19:43 has posted a review of Nokia's new, but long delayed, E7 recommending that "If you're a die-hard Nokia-fanatic h...

2011 Q2 budget ultraportable laptop buyers guide

Posted by | 00:31
2011 brings us the new Intel Sandy Bridge and AMD Fusion platforms which bring all kinds of goodies to laptops, but the one thing that inter...