AMD Quad Core A8-3530MX: Fastest AMD mobile APU in June?

Without question one of the launch of the new AMD Bulldozer architecture probably the most exciting topics in terms of the IT life in 2011, but that is not seen nothing yet. For there is also the platform with its Sabine Llano APUs, which are also in their starting blocks and we will reach probably already next month. These are both designed for mobile use, but finding probably be in some desktop systems. If you believe first sources, so below is the most powerful mobile CPU and APU to be found.

Meanwhile, over the months, the Brazos platform with its Ontario and Zacate APUs, which are, for example, to see the Zotac ZBOX AD02 and are based on the Bobcat architecture, arrived very well with users, although a few products to get, unfortunately, difficult .
When Sabine platform that will change hopefully. Here then CPUs, codenamed Llano and Husky Stars and architectural pattern. Stars? In fact, the architecture is K10.5 nothing new, but it has worked greatly to the performance and the new 32 nanometer process does the rest.

According to recent roadmaps will be the upcoming AMD A8-3530MX the new top model and default clocked at 1.9 GHz, which can be increased under load by the turbo core technology at 2.6 GHz. As a fast cache 4 MB Level 2 cache are used for the graphics department, the integrated Radeon HD 6620G is responsible. This has 400 stream processors (see Radeon HD 6970: 1,536 SP / Radeon HD 6570: 480 SP) is clocked at 444 MHz.

Finally, the whole can then be paired with 1333 or 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, chipset and comes as either a merger A60M Controller Hub (FCH) or A70M used, the latter 4x USB 3.0 offers. It all together and then a TDP of 45 watts. It appears that the APU will be found on the base FS1 course, FM1, the mobile variant of the base. At a price was currently not yet said anything, probably will be the AMD have to compete against the A8-3530MX binuclear competition à la Core i3 / i5 Core.