AMD Radeon HD 6570: New entry-graph in the short test

In recent days, AMD's new entry-level graphics chips, codenamed "Turks" and "Caicos" in front. For most users this will be known as the Radeon HD 6570 and HD 6450th AMD promises with these little cards beginners a new standard in image quality and performance to bring the man to do. The cards are intended not only to compete with Nvidia's GT 220 models are available, but also convince the one or other of them to be the better alternative to the integrated GPU from Intel.

Technically, the new entry-level chips are based on the "Bart's" core of the middle class models of HD 6850 and HD 6870, only in a stripped-down form and in low profile format. Shall have provided to us HD 6570, as well as the slightly faster HD 6670, over six SIMD units, and accordingly a total of 80 shader units 5D. To the typical once a Marketingjargong way: The "Turks" chip has 480 stream processors and has slightly less than half as many stream processors, such as an HD 6850, because the latter has 960 units.

Furthermore, the new HD 6500 and HD 6600 series to the improved tessellation unit, and the UVD draw Enginge 3. Thus, the new chips are particularly suitable for HTPC, where games are secondary and desired above all, a liquid and quality video playback. Furthermore, to calculate a total of 24 texture units and 8 raster operation processors are about "ROPs" ready.
 In the memory of each card, it could come sooner or later return to confusion that might annoy one or the other customer - if he is unaware of. Because it is indeed for the HD 6670 provides generally faster GDDR5 memory at 1000 MHz, the HD 6570, however, let the manufacturers the choice between slow GDDR5 or DDR3 memory. The storage capacity of the HD 6570 with DDR3 memory is then sometimes just half as good as it would be the case with GDDR5 memory. When purchasing, here is caution. The smallest of the series, the HD 6450, also equipped with GDDR5 and DDR3 memory and has only 160 stream processors, 8 texture units and 4 ROPs.

  To keep power consumption low, all new entry in the current 40 nm GPUs principle, and come with 716 (HD 6570 / HD 6670) or 370 million (HD 6450) transistors. AMD puts the power consumption with a 12 - 66 W for the HD 6670, 11 - 60 W for the HD 6570 with GDDR5 memory and 10 - 44 W for the version with DDR3 memory. The HD 6540 is with 9 - 27 W (GDDR5) or 18 W (DDR3) the most economical

Since we have received from AMD in the short term provided a model of AMD Radeon HD 6570 available, it was possible for us at least a brief look at the system requires VTDs ability of the chip to throw. Of course, we have looked at this also like the overclocking features of the new "Turks" cores, as these are often entry-GPUs slumber large reserves.

Since it is a model of the second smallest series, we have no need for high image quality and used exclusively in all games, the medium quality settings and turned off anti-aliasing, where it went. What the end result came out, has surprised us. Even with a resolution of 1680 * 1050, which is the standard resolution of 22 "monitors, almost all getesten games were still playable with at least 30 frames. Only Crytek shooter Crysis 2 and Gothic 4, the card could with its 512 MB ​​memory in the knee . force

Also worth mentioning are the positive 30% power reserve, which are still dormant in the map. For us it was quite easily possible to increase the pace of the core from 650 to 900 MHz. Even when memory was more effective 200 Mhz possible. As a result, the card made ​​it 26-35% more frames to place on the monitor.

  For users of a HTPC or a desktop PC, where no high end card is required, the new series is a good package of economy and performance. For in spite of the small chips do not have waived the one or the other game, as long as you at least the HD 6570 is called his own. The HD 6450 however, should really only be considered when gaming capability is not relevant and the card is used primarily for the acceleration of films.