Android includes hidden Honeycomb Gingerbread UI

The spread of Google's Android operating system for smart phones is almost unstoppable. Almost daily, new devices are brought to market. Tablets also run more frequently with the android operating system. This is mostly still set to 2.2 or Android Froyo Gingerbread 2.3, which are designed only for limited Tablets with the size 7 to 10 inches. But help is here, so first create Android Honeycomb 3.0 and 3.1. First Tablets with Honeycomb were announced, including HTC also flyers, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (Limited Edition). Later this year, then come to a mix of both, which will bear the name Ice Cream Sandwich and both tablets, as well as small and large smart phones is used.

Here one could now find a useful approach that has been integrated in the current Honeycomb OS. It is a Gingerbread User Interface (UI) hidden inside, which is not normally active. Try to run around with their Dell Steak 7 the colleagues have found that if in the settings of the LCD density to 170 or higher is after a reboot, the Ginger Bread Ui appears, which can be clearly identified as such. If one set before these back down to 160 or lower, you get the Honeycomb UI. This is demonstrated nicely by means of a video on a Dell Steak 7th

This test, however, assumes that the device was rooted, it is here the App LCDDensity recommended for root, with which the density can be changed. This could be a first step towards implementation of a single OS for its various devices, for Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be released in the fourth quarter of 2011.