Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute goes to the next round

The dispute between the two smart phone manufacturers Samsung and Apple with time and more violent. In that accuses Apple of breach of the Korean manufacturer of numerous patents, especially those involved with the design and operation of the equipment to do. Thus, many smart phones and the new tablets from the product range Samsungs are affected. Mostly it's in the case of the Samsung products S Galaxy II, Galaxy Tab 8.9, Tab Galaxy 10.1, but also the LTE and 4G phones Infuse Droid batch. The two tablets and the Droid Charge contrast, are not even officially on the market for purchase. Nevertheless, all these devices, according to Apple iPhone along the lines of products and have been designed iPad.

Both would look and operate, and even the packaging of Apple products, Apple said copies. The WiFi Multimedia Player Galaxy S 4.0 and 5.0 are the iPod touch more than similar. From Samsung must now show each new device before the publication of a group of legal experts, but fortunately, no developer or agent from Apple. They may assess whether Samsung commits another patent infringement or not. The Judge Lucy Koh has decided that the equipment the experts will be presented three months before publication. This was no problem from their perspective, as Samsung suggests many details before publication of the devices. At the Google I / O developer conference were even give all participants a copy of the new Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Thus, the Californian manufacturer with a cult game has suffered in the patent dispute, but this could have other consequences. Samsung supplies memory chips to Apple that is also for the production of their equipment. It is still unclear whether this partnership is involved.

Source: cnet uk