ASUS M5A99X - turned up another AM3 + Board

Gradually, it can no longer hide the fact that the launch of AMD's next architecture codenamed Bulldozer is imminent. It is now Board Asus partner who sends the M5A99X an AM3 + on the road. Equipped with the latest 990 chipset is capable of the first "Zambezi" include processors.

The creation in this Building Factor ATX uses the latest Northbridge 990x, and the appropriate Soutbridge 950th SB But the board has to offer in addition to the new socket also other things. Thus offers the completely passively cooled board a 6 ​​+2 phases broad power, which was performed digitally. With the Asus EPU own power to be saved if not currently pending full load and thus power stages can be switched off selectively. To accommodate the necessary graphics power, can the board offers three fully-developed PCIex 16x slots that allow both SLI and Crossfire X configurations.

Next the board offers a total of eight SATA 6.0 Gbps ports, four USB 3.0 and 7.1 audio as well as four slots for DDR3 DIMM memory up to 1333 MHz. To maintain compatibility, despite its enormous age still a PCI slot on board, not to Example wise old TV or audio systems hochweritge have to throw the same, when CPU and motherboard will be replaced. Overall, the Board disposes is good, and will certainly find its customers, even if the high-end chipset on a not very favorable price