ASUS Seashell - Completely new design for Eee PCs

Netbooks have now become firmly established and the current wave of tablet it is unable to, to outdo them. Nevertheless, it is also necessary for the small and often purely functional equipment innovation, if one is to prevail over the now highly trained competitors. For this reason, ASUS, former pioneer generation of netbooks, now a completely new design in planning what is to be unveiled at Computex in a few days.

After the code name Seashell hiding for some time, the basic design, the sets, the majority of Eee netbooks. Now this one seems to want to work hard, which will in turn attract new customers for the kids. Today it appeared to match the official promotional image from Asus also a supposed photo of the device. The image, which was published by Notebook Italia, shows the new Eee PC in a similar pose as the poster suggests, however, much more than this.

Thus, the new Eee PC shows much thinner and more elegant than its recent predecessors, who always left a bit chunky appearance. The design appears to be similar to that of the Apple MacBook Air and gives hope to a very thin design. So you can see in the picture, it felt like so far is a Chiclet keyboard, which promises, with their large distances between the individual keys excellent typing, while the touchpad is relatively large and certainly offers a multi-touch operation.

To see the shift to the left missing or reduced ports of the device may have been due to the small air vents, most of the right side. The small opening can be a very low power consumption and thus hope for a long period, which is being dependent on the hardware used. The battery should represent the highest point of the netbook and serve as with the older equipment as a stand.

Further details are available yet, but you can count the days until the opening of Computex in Taipei almost on one hand. We are looking forward to the "next evolution of the Eee PC ".

Source: Notebook Italia