First passively cooled HD6850 from Powercolor

Fast graphics cards are loud - this is a rule that is broken only now and then by the manufacturers. Now the time has come, and is the Powercolor HD 6850 from SC3. Was shown the video card at the end of October last year, now it's finally available. But what can one make such a board, or what is to make the cooling system capable of?
The name stands for the SC3 Silent Cooling System in the third version that comes with the latest HD 6850 is used. The graphics card that gets its power over a broad 3 +1 power supply needed, not in time still limited in the number of computing units in order to allow for the passive cooling. Thus, the 960 Shader clock according to the specification with 775 MHz, and the memory clock is 4000 MHz with effectively on a good Niveu. Connected this to the 256 bit wide interface to PERMIT for the 1 GB GDDR5 memory quickly fill in all situations.


To put the routes elevated temperatures better, we installed high-quality solid capacitors and mosfets for stable voltage regulation. But values ​​are in addition to the interior and the outer, or what's outside. Therefore, there are two DVI, as well as an HDMI and Display Port output. Of course it also maintains compatibility with existing cards and hence the passive HD6850 offers from Powercoler the ability to operate in Crossfire systems. To underline the ambition of the player card, the card sets you a download voucher for Colin McRea Dirt 3 in what should be enabled card 11 a little something for DirectX. Prices were called at Powercolor still not exactly cheap, the HD6850 is silent, however, not determined.