Four months with the Smart Unlimited Data Plan

Data charges on a unlimited plan. My experience with Smart Communications Data Plan (MENSA Plan 2000) started as a really frustrating experience. Despite being on a unlimited data plan I incurred over Php1,100 in data charges in my first two weeks of use. But with the help of Smart technical support, I was able to isolate two apps which seemed to be causing the data charges: the Opera Mini Browser and Microsoft Exchange Server based email app. Smart seems to interpret the use of these apps as availing of "Value Added Services." The data charges were reversed.

In the past three months I have still incurred data charges, between Php20 to Php50 per month. It would be nice to know why I am incurring these charges, but the amounts are small enough that I am willing to live with it.  By the way, these are on an Android phone. Other operating systems may have different issues.

Yes, Smart has 3G here
Speed. In the usual area were I roam around, the souther part of Mega Manila Cavite-Las Pinas-Laguna-Muntinlupa-Paranaque the speeds are adequate. In some area of Makati and Taguig, they can get so fast, that they are faster than the local WiFi hotspots. Basically, your mileage will vary. Great for apps pretty much everywhere. Web browsing on the browser is a bit sluggish (and there is where the Opera Mini Browser and its data compression could help a lot). Speed is not not currently a forte of Smart 3G. 

But speed is not everything. As far as the base of Mount Halcon in Oreintal Mindoro, I get a data signal and speeds fast enough for my apps to send and receive email, keep me connected to Twitter and Facebook, and get my news from GMA News. In the end, reliability counts more. 

If you have an Android, iPhone or Windows Phone 7 device, you should really consider getting a data plan. A smartphone isn't very smart, without one.