Fujitsu LifeBook T901 - Convertible based on Intel

If necessary, it becomes a Tablet for long text entry, it offers a full keyboard. However, we are not talking about a netbook, but a sophisticated convertible from Fujitsu. Technically equipped up to date and with an optical drive that will be positioned against the current convertible tablets that have reported at least in the business day nothing, for here are other strengths, as a visual clips, OS or Apps Goals.

Thus, the T901 comes with a 13.3-inch, LED backlit screen, therefore, recognized the touch input on a kapazititves (berühungsempfindliches) Touch Panel. This can be easily turned when needed and fold on the keyboard, with the hinge at the T901 is made ​​of metal, not plastic like most convertibles. At the top there is also a fold-3G antenna, and a webcam, while edged down right next to two small stereo speakers and quick launch buttons.

In the lower part of the device, which comprises the actual technique, initially decrease the water splash-resistant, anti bacterial keyboard and the DVD drive into the eye. But these first NEBn abnormalities is also the inner life of the T901-to-date technology. Cheered by this is an Intel Core i5-2520M processor, 2 GB RAM and Intel integrated HD3000 graphics unit. The unit stores data on a 250 GB hard drive, which is parked on a shock sensor, so as to increase the crash resistance and security. Other facilities with a fingerprint sensor, a smart card slot and bit-locker encryption also adapted to the world of work. Thus the device is not too soon out of breath, we built a strong 5800 mAH Lithium Ion battery with 63 Wh Prices for the T901 now starting at around $ 1899, so far the unit is not yet been announced for Europe.