HP TouchSmart All-in-One 610 now with Sandy Bridge

The trend is more and more compact devices, and less and less to be bred calculators that have to be connected with many separate cables to the necessary peripherals. Therefore, HP has maintained for some time its All-in-one PCs, and today got the models from this February a facelift in order to convince the customer with top of current hardware. But not only the hardware draws the HP 610, but the overall concept of the All-in-one is convincing.

This hardware is enclosed in a casing that can convince not only by its appearance. Thus, the 23-inch LED touch screen along with the technology can be 60 degrees tend to be constantly adapted to the input options. Thus, texts can be used in an upright position draw, while the use position can be tilted by 60 Gard for drawing on the touch screen to make or master a relaxed surf session on the touch screen.

In terms of a perfect device, it is obviously not a rickety default drive, but a modern slide-in representative. But here ends the Intigrität the HP TouchSmart 610 still do not have the webcam, speakers, and also admitted the on / off switch in decent shape without disturbing the overall picture. The course, such a device in the equipment leave no stone unturned, HP shows this device very consciously. Thus, in addition to WLAN and Bluetooth, a DVB-T tuner and webcam in addition to the aforementioned, a 6-in-1 card reader is included. With such a concept it's almost irrelevant, full depends what hardware behind the front work, and even this has now been brought up to date.

Therefore, we built a one of three core i5 processors or an Intel Core i7, which in turn can be combined with an Intel HD graphics unit or a dedicated graphics card from Nvidia or AMD. The equipment with memory and disk varies depending on the customer between 2 GB and 16 GB, while the hard disk can hold up to 2 terabytes of data. The dream of such a device fails is not exactly cheap, confirmed the initial price of 1,049 $, while already schägt a mean system, including Core i7 with $ 1,499 to book.