Intel Atom N2600 - Dual Core 1.6 GHz myth

Intel has operated since the first Atom processor-depth product support and led to new versions with higher clock rates, low power consumption or even two nuclei. News is all about the new platform in place of Cedar Trail Pine Trail, first placing the 32 nanometer production in the nuclear business and thus enables faster and more fuel-efficient models.

The new Intel Atom N2600 and Atom N2800 CPUs are made ​​in this same 32 nanometer process, have two cores and Hyper-Threading technology and are matched exactly to the needs of Windows 7, which dominated in contrast to his predecessors, true multi-tasking and the corresponding tasks optimally distributed across the available resources. The latch is great as usual with 512 KB per core of what has not changed from the previous series - only the desktop versions of Cedar Trail, including D2500 and D2700 come with 1MB of L2 cache.

Also new is the integrated graphics unit, which is now based on a PowerVR SGX545 core and double the performance of its predecessor, the GMA is to offer 3150. In the case of one atom of N2800 titled this as GMA 5650 with 640 MHz, the atomic N2600 is the GMA 5600 with 400 MHz.

Another distinguishing feature is the memory support, because while the nuclear N2800 can operate even faster DDR3-1066, the maximum is at N2600 at 800 MHz DDR3 memory.

Because of the new production of atomic N2600 is very economical to work at full capacity and consumes only 3.5 watts. Positive is also that the new processors can address more memory than its predecessor, the old limit of 2 GB has been lifted, now paves the way for "Power netbooks"with up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM.

To this Prozesor speaks from Intel, new recommendations in terms of battery and software that are quite interesting. So will the new Atom processors N2600 and N2800 are combined with a 4 to 6-cell battery and are equipped of four operating systems. This indicates Intel, the processor to operate with Windows 7 Starter or Home Basic (but not full version), or Google Chrome MeeGo OS. This is remarkable, as there are no devices based on MeeGo Chrome and OS still does not sizable distribution.

Available to be the nuclear N2600 from the fourth quarter of this year to offer to Netbooks & Tablet PCs to improve performance and lower power consumption. With its low power consumption, however, he comes to the Atom Z670 Oak Trail platform with a TDP of 3W dangerously close, although it is designed specifically for Tablets and offers only a core. It is also possible here would be a successor based on the Pineview-M architecture, but time will tell.