iPhone 5 is to be iPhone 4S

The rumor mill is already on the boil. Supposedly the next iPhone as an iPhone 4S come on the market, so be like the iPhone 3G more an update than a truly new model. However, should the UMTS successor LTE still not be of the party, since the relevant Qualcomm chip is not ready yet. LTE but instead will come HSPA + to use, allowing even significantly higher download rates than HSDPA.


Besides a few more cosmetic changes there should be a new LED flash, but above all is the new Apple A5 processor used. AT & T and T-Mobile users in the U.S. would benefit from the massive expansion of HSPA + network, also will give it both a T-Mobile and a Sprint version of the iPhone 4S. How it looks in Germany is not mentioned. Due to weak network support HSPA + is still in this country rather uninteresting. The next iPhone model will then already support LTE. Remains to be seen how much truth in these rumors, Apple will probably still silent as before.