iTunes Cloud coming soon?

Apple's globally successful music store and music player could soon be extended by a further functionality. Accordingly, Apple has filed a patent for the possibility of cloud streaming, which describes the function, not the song you want locally, but stored online in a cloud to have any time to access them to save space on the devices. The Cloud Music Store should already have been completed, but it still lacks important licenses from major labels to provide a very large offer. With EMI and Warner Music Group had already agreed to contract for the licensing, just fill in the agreements with Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group, which will follow soon.


The extract of the patent with the name "Local Storage of a portion of Streamed Media Items" shows the gross functionality of the store. A portion of the desired track is used to synchronize stored locally and then transmitted via iTunes on your device. The rest of the actual title will be synchronized using the cut-out and ultimate streamed to the device. Further details are not yet known. Also, the availability of the song, if the device does not have access to the Internet, nothing has been announced.

When the cloud music store is published, is also still unclear. It is expected, however, with an announcement at the upcoming WWDC.