Kogeto Dot for iPhone 4 takes 360-degree Panoramas

Some time ago an iPhone for the 4 presented Gadget GoPano Micro was introduced. This started with a special attachment to the camera and an App, 360-degree panoramas that were to fully navigable. Unfortunately, the size of the device was more than awkward. The problem now is to solve a new and especially from smaller project Kogeto. The much smaller and is held in green dot Kogeto attached to the back of the iPhone. Unfortunately for the inclusion of a panorama, the iPhone will be placed on the display side, so the screen as a viewfinder and deleted it means when recording to put more on luck as a control. Thanks to the associated app, the images or videos viewed or posted on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are. Particularly, the possibility of streaming. Thus, the images are also viewed live on the community page of the manufacturer.

The video itself shows the operation of Kogeto live. Kogeto The Dot is a project funded by donations and the accompanying App as well as the dot itself for $ 99 at Kogeto directly for a reservation are available.

Source: Kick Starter