Lenovo ThinkPad X1 - new ultra-thin model presented

Lenovo wants to relocate with the ThinkPad X 1 in the notebook market. The device, which is high at its highest point just 21.5 mm, offers a lot of technology in a very limited space and can be used to high quality score. Due to its special design and selected materials should be prepared for the 13.3-inch-sized device for daily use in harsh business sector.

Let's start with the housing, which reminds the form refers to the IBM TinkPads past. The housing is made ​​of a special magnesium alloy in order to, vibration, shock and withstand shock very well and can be long, combined with low weight. But the weak point display was provided for this reason with a shell made of gorilla glass, which is to abk√∂nnen according to the manufacturer and direct blows. The last is of special protection from foreign influence, the waterproof, illuminated keyboard to call, which will protect the notebook from caffeine-containing or disaster such as rain.

An important advantage of this device and its built-in battery rapid charge technology that enables the loading of around 5.5 hours is sufficient battery within 30 minutes to about 80%. A groundbreaking achievement for all those who depend every day on their electronic companions, and so far heruntragen extra batteries with them had. But not only the battery is the X1 standards, including the hardware inside is on the state of the art. Thus, the X1 is closed on Intel technology, ranging from the processor, a representative Sandy Bridge, on the chipset with integrated Intel graphics to HD Intel SSD and 8 GB RAM. More important to most users, however, the equipment, as absolute loyalty. Therefore, we installed next to WLAN and Bluetooth and a 3G data modem, a 720p camera, and a 4-in-1 card reader. Last but not least, there is Dolby Home Theater V4 technology, enabling music enjoyment in between or the conference call can be supplied in adequate quality.

Gnaz is fun but not cheap, and thus of little interest to private customers who previously flirted with the new 13 inch model. At least $ 1,399 will be due for the base model, the prices up, however, are open. On its own website, Lenovo to a very good successful video over the X1, which indicates the strength of the device at hand of a normal Daily schedule.