Logitech provides matching accessories for iPad2 and other Tablets

This is iPad2 currently the benchmark in terms of tablets, and hardly a device has reached such a level of perfection and can score points on such a broad range of accessories, such as the device from Cupertino. Now Logitech is also making with matching accessories attention to himself and shows that you have neglected no detail.

Takes over the "Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad2" two important functions. Stowed in the pocket, it offers protection to the screen of your tablet from scratches and bumps while it weeds out in use, the only weakness of the current generation of Tablet: the missing keyboard. So one can so easily write a longer story on the Tablet without constantly focusing on the meeting of the virtual keys. Especially for the users, the blind use their normal keyboard, the Keyboard Case a perfect complement, especially since it canceled so the view on the popular new device alltet much easier. The aluminum case does iPad device vertically or horizontally on and is connected via Bluetooth with the IOS.

The second gadget is aimed not only at iPad2 users but to all tablets that support music streaming via Bluetooth. Talking about the "Logitech Wireless Speaker" that is compatible with nearly all tablets and smartphones. This audio station is also connected via Bluetooth with the player while providing a position bask for longer surf sessions. But Logitech built the device in two separate drive coils 5 cm, which should provide in its radius of 15 meters for rich sound. Thanks to a built-in battery lasts up to 10 hours of listening pleasure, and can be on three buttons easy to use and comfortable.

Source: Logitech