More details on Apple's Cloud Streaming

As reported recently, there are increasing rumors and facts about Apple's so-called Cloud streaming feature with which it is possible to book online music store in the cloud and then, for example with an iPhone call to go any time. Here, a small part of the title is transferred to the device and used for synchronization with the tracks stored in the cloud. This is to local memory can be saved on the device. Well, besides the alleged name of the service, icloud, further details are known.

Asked that the entire iTunes library to be analyzed. Although not the title itself, however, transfer the information to the titles in the library. So no high data rate to transmit the information is needed. Thanks to the transfer itself should contain, the show at the local library of a low bit rate, will be replaced with high-bitrate tracks and streamed to the devices. However, as ribbed content will be treated is still unclear. The local library, however, will remain unaffected. Speculation is still on the offer of the service. It may be possible that the service will be integrated into the services of MobileMe, which has stores bookmarks, contacts, emails and calendar entries in a central cloud. This service currently costs about § 99 per year and thus it is conceivable that offered the icloud Music Store as an update of MobileMe.

 The expectation is the idea of the update at the upcoming WWDC, which will take place from 6th to 10th June in San Francisco.

Source: Engadget