Motorola MOTO XT882 with Triple-Dual Power

Motorola wants to show up with the upcoming MOTO XT882 in China the next coup - with the "Triple Duo Power ". Marketing gimmick lies behind this slogan, or even more? According to a press release it sounds interesting in any case, first meant a dual-core processor, and second, the "Dual-Mode Dual-Standby" is. This means in plain text a 2x1GHz processor and the possibility to switch between two networks, the CDMA and GSM network. The three "dual" in the clear only two features probably mean interfere further.

The MOTO XT882, however, is designed specifically for the Chinese market, although some would certainly be interested internationally active business customers in Europe or America in a dual-mode smartphone. In addition, the customer gets the 8MP camera, a 4-inch touch screen and Full HD (1080p) support, including HDMI connection. On the device running Android 2.3 and it offers advanced power settings for the duration of the already generous 1880 mAh battery to extend. In June, the MOTO XT882 is in China for the equivalent of € 590 on the market, a sale outside of China, unfortunately not currently indicated.

Source: Motorola