Nexus 3 3 Quadcore mit Tegra?

The Nexus is coming soon in the third round. Although no exact data on the device are available, but want to first sources have learned that CPU in the next edition of the Developer and the new Google Phone Favorite is used. Only one thing is: This is also the third Nexus will always be equipped with the latest version of Android - at least for a while.

Android and Me So reports that the next Android comes with a Nvidia Tegra chip come along. This is also available in the third version available, and are based on a quad-core design. This would be the Nexus 3, or whatever name it ultimately bear, will finally have a top device, after the Nexus S was a weak number from Samsung more. Thus gave Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that we work very closely with Google in order to optimize the Quad-Core to the next Android version of "Ice Cream Sand Wish.


He spoke of an important step for both sides, but is expected mainly to my own interests so that, as Nvidia has, by its constant for about a year, in terms of sales of the graphics division. According to the Nvidia Tegra 3 should offer a 5x improvement in performance, as the current Tegra 2 And we must not forget that the Quad-Core play its full potential only in well-optimized multi-tasking functions can.
Let's hope that with the new processor again a new (old) Manufacturer is selected as Samsung, current manufacturers of the Nexus S, struggling with a shortage of supply at the screens and persistent quality problems in hardware and software has.