Nokia: Symbian OS in use by 2016

Slowly, Nokia plans to separate from the operating system Symbian, although it still even in some models of the higher-lying segment is utilized. Accordingly, Nokia will focus on Windows Mobile 7, but the support and updates to the Symbian platform will be guaranteed at least until 2016, as announced Nokia chief Steven Elop. As quickly would you give up despite the long construction not on the Symbian OS operating system. How quickly the Finnish company would divest it has always been unclear.

Furthermore, shared with Elop on the Chinese Nokia Conversations blog that you want to focus in the coming years not only to the serious errors in the operating system. The investment in the platform is expected to continue as long as, as well as the support is given for it. As several of Symbian models will be presented in parallel to the appearance of the first Windows phones from Nokia and out, a possible example of this could be the next Nokia N9. But mainly it comes to smart phones they would rely on the cooperation with Microsoft and use the Windows Mobile platform.

In 2016, one could therefore expect the funeral of the time was so successful Symbian OS. Other manufacturers such as Siemens, Motorola, Panasonic and Sony Ericsson also put some time no longer on the platform. Initially, Nokia via cooperation with Intel trying a new operating system based on Linux called MeeGo to develop the project, however, was canceled due to delays on the part of Nokia.

Source: WinFuture