Nvidia Synergy: Optimus technology for the desktop

For more than a year ago, Nvidia's Optimus technology firmly in the notebook segment and helps the potent - more or less - mobile laptops a bit more running time to tease out by one as needed between integrated graphics (iGPU) and dedicated graphics card (iGPU) changes . Since with the desktop systems tend to be less important to the power consumption was something previously not necessary, but it now has the potential of the new Sandy Bridge processors and identified a similar technology in the making, is expected to be presented at Computex the masses.

The affinity for Nvidia Optimus technology is so clear, much more it resembles, however, the Virtu LucidLogix technology we have introduced a month ago. How exactly this software to be run according to Synergy colleagues from VR-zone on all H61, H67 and Z68 Boards.

Ideally, Synergy is not linked to any specific Nvidia GPUs, but seems to be compatible with all models of the Green Group. Also on the Main Board itself must not be changed, a license fee to the motherboard manufacturer can not be paid.

While the H61 and H67 chipset only supports a dedicated graphics processor, it is with the Z68 also possible to run an SLI pair.

  For LucidLogix Virtu be a small fee is payable, but this is compatible with AMD and Nvidia cards. But here must probably be avoided, certainly we can say this but not the SLI mode.

  Whether one will prevail in the end of both, remains to be seen, above all, it depends on how mature the technology at Computex Nvidia Synergy will be.

  Source: VR-Zone