Petition to Boot Loader Lock at HTC is having an effect

Modifications of smartphones based on Google's Android operating system are becoming increasingly popular. May have a boot loader without blocking Custom ROMs with mods such as the CyanogenMod, which is already available for many Android devices be installed. The operating system can be completely changed according to the wishes of the user and modified, even the processor is overclocked to part slightly. The manufacturer HTC, which already provide a full range of smart phones with Android sees this not as happy and off since a considerable time the boot loader with its devices.

This could change soon, because a petition with over 6,000 participants to encourage HTC to release the boot loader again and failing to secure more NAND memory. The manufacturer has also reacts via Facebook on the petition. The criticism was perceived and, according to the statement was user satisfaction a top priority for HTC. Soon more information will be made ​​available on this subject, what are does not mean that soon all devices are again with a free bootloader.

When More to be announced was not announced, but the willingness to confront the topic is very commendable, especially as other manufacturers such as Apple strictly refuse to modify their equipment to be so strong. Especially for users of older devices will be the release of the boot loader is a small blessing, because often a mod, the only way to strike up a newer version of Android. We will keep you on new information provided by HTC of course more up to date!

Source: Golem