Sabertooth ASUS 990FX + AM3 motherboard spotted

Only about a month it takes to AMD will introduce its new micro-architecture called Bulldozer. For the first CPUs that bear the code name Zambezi, there is now always compatible or made ​​compatible motherboards. Asus today showed his upcoming high-end board of the Sabertooth series, which is based on the AMD 990FX chipset.

It is striking in comparison with recent AMD boards support the fans at the base. This is no longer continuous, but consists only of two free ends, but this does not change the compatibility to existing coolers nothing. This bracket is an integral part of all but AM3 + boards, what is clear since AM3 + ASRock has been declared.

Unfortunately, many top coolers were mounted on AMD boards only in the 0 ° or 180 ° angle since settled the manufacturer only in very few cases, variable base mounts - that will probably remain a problem. Just beyond the base you can see the aluminum mountain that the mosfets should hold up to operating temperature and a heat-pipe connection to the North Bridge has. This is the proprietary Ceram! X material, which uses copper with ceramic parts for better heat dissipation, and so receives its typical rough surface.

As with the Asus Sabertooth 55i also differs from the color of the individual components of the usual colors to make the boards a little too special. At the very Sabertooth 990FX, this green through the cooler, and the brown PCIe and RAM slots. Also, the South Bridge cooler is held in its construction not only functional but should also contribute to the look of the boards, which make the suggested pattern indicated.

Much more than the outside one at the enthusiast, the built-in hardware and what the board is able to afford. Even here, Asus has not saved and donated to the Board a digital 8 +2 phase power supply, which can be deactivated in accordance with an EPU at part load. Capacitors and MOSFETs are part of the military quality sound like a good ESD static protection, MemOK! Function or the thermal sensor, monitors the temperatures at various points of the computer and the fan is controlled accordingly.

The I / O connectors, shows the Sabertooth 990FX also well equipped. So there are eight SATA ports, six of whom work in the newer 6.0Gpbs mode, four PCI Express x16 slots, four DDR3-2000 memory slots, USB 3.0, eSATA, Firewire and 7.1 audio. Asus prices called for the board yet, but these are not known to begin at 250 euros.