Samsung Smart One AF315: New All-In-One computer with 3D

All-In-One computer systems, short AIOs are now next to the flood of tablets and notebooks often used as a new desktop version, since they combine computer and monitor in one unit. Especially popular is the Apple iMac, which even then was with the G3 in 1998 to celebrate a great success and to date received a nearly annual update. Samsung is trying with such a combination, initially in the Korean market to land, with the latest device called Smart One AF315.

The All-In-One Computer System AF315 (the device on the left picture below) has a 23-inch Full HD screen on board, which can be a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. He also has a 3D feautures, which however is still based on the stereoscopic technology and therefore requires a shutter glasses to view 3D content. However, this is already included in delivery. The opportunity to represent 2D content in 3D is. The frame rate could therefore be 120 Hz, but to no details were provided. The hardware configuration consists of an Intel Core i5 Processor, 4 GB RAM and a hard disk with a size of 1 TB and 7,200 rpm. The graphics unit could be made ​​by AMD, the most obvious model of the Radeon HD 6000 series, including support for USB 3.0 provides, according to images.

Furthermore, SRS 3D sound, a TV tuner, Blu-Ray player and an integrated webcam above the screen. Supplies include a black-held mouse-keyboard combo, remote control and the aforementioned 3D shutter glasses. The Samsung Smart One AF315 is available in Korea for 2:19 tomorrow million won, the equivalent of € 1,400 available. Whether and when the 3d All-In-One computer will be available from us is still unclear.

Source: TechConnect Magazine