Sharp's AQUOS Hybrid 007SH - Neues Smartphone im Klapp Format

Foldable mobile phones were asked at that time, in contrast to today's smartphones with touch screen much. Especially in Japan, the convertible format is very much appreciated and preferred. Today, the format is with us virtually extinct in Germany. Sharp is now in cooperation with the Japanese wireless carrier SoftBank spanked a smartphone before folding in the format that hybrid AQUOS 007SH. Like many other smart phones in the higher segment is also one of the popular Google's Android operating system in the newest version 2.3. The equipment is more than outstanding and surpasses the competition significantly.

The IPX5/IPX7 housing is protected from water and includes a camera with a resolution of 16.07 megapixels. Auto focus and flash light are now commonplace, but to also include the possibility exists 720p videos. In addition, the first time, 3D images, as well as videos and recorded on the 3.4-inch WVGA touch screen 3D play. The screen can also be folded down so that a comfortable operation is possible via the touch screen. If you still do not like working with the operating mode can also use the common keys. With the help of the mini-HDMI port, the phone can be connected easily to a TV to play, for example, captured photos and video. Wireless connections can be implemented with Bluetooth 3.0 and WiFi. Whether the new LTE is also on board is unknown.

The 140-gram Sharp AQUOS 007SH Hybrid, available in June in the colors of turquoise, purple, white and black with the Japanese mobile phone manufacturers SoftBank available. Whether the device will be available in Europe is still unclear.

Source: Akihabara News / Sharp