Skype update brings unwanted software on your PC

Hardly any other VoIP provider is among Internet users as popular as the free Skype service, which is available on almost all platforms in almost all countries. But in addition to the free Skype, and cheap phone calls abroad there since the weekend and massive trouble: Skype charges without the consent of the user download additional software.

Even if the user installing explicitly reject installed a program called EasyBits Games Go. The fact that the software would be installed against the will of the user that is only half as bad as could be, the program in a normal way again from the computer.

But here, the manufacturer, the Swedish EasyBits Media, Skype users real boulders in the road. So no deinstalltion routine is included, and the Windows tool of managing the installed software fails at "EasyBits Games Go ". Questioned by was added at EasyBits the incident more or less, but gave no reasons.

 EasyBits Games Go replaces the existing since 2006 in Skype, and probably never played game feature of Skype. Skype tries to build on this path such as a gaming platform, even against the will of the user? Although the update was angek√ľndikt in the press, was of a forced installation, however is not there to read. After fierce complaints from the Skype Forum EasyBits the manufacturer has now been deflected, and offers an uninstall program that is available here. Whether Skype applies within the next few days commented on the heated issue and called the ambitions that have led to this project remains questionable.

Source: Golem