Windows 8, ARM tablets at the end of this year

Microsoft's Windows 7 it can been described as a complete success, at what Windows Vista was not the case. You can find Vista was indeed on many PCs, but hardly anyone wanted to use the operating system because it was just immature and very power-hungry, even wasteful. In new desktops will be predominantly Windows 7 and it pleases almost no one to use Windows XP on those computers. From the Channel in Asia seep slowly through the first information as the successor to Windows 7. This episode is about, you get to see the first devices with Windows 8 at the end of this year. This one is the OS to ARM processor-based Tablet PCs use it.

It seems that Windows is judged to have been eight of the notebook makers skeptical. Hardly a manufacturer wants to immediately jump on the train, they seem to want to wait and see. Whether this performance has technical reasons, is currently not an accurate picture. The combination of Windows 8 and ARM Tablets should still do not work so well because it lacks power. In addition to this, it will be of a market test to determine whether the combination is accepted. If successful the project will probably follow suit other manufacturer. The desktop market will affect the hard, even on Google Android-based tablets are the estimates to follow, barely disturbed or shocked by serious competitors are.

One might assume that there will be to see the first samples of such tablets at the upcoming Computex 2011th

Source: DigiTimes