Xbox 360 receives firmware update - Standby mode and PayPal

Microsoft is known for its updates and improvements to the customers, and not just at the desktop Windows operating system. The mobile phone sector and the brackets from experience and updates to lock out hackers or furnish new features, such as a beautiful surface. Today, it's that time again and for the Xbox 360 is an update released, which contains, among other things, a standby mode.

This standby mode sets the console after an hour of downtime in a sleep mode to reduce power consumption and avoid unnecessary periods. But this was by far not the only innovation that have been entered into the system. IT IS now also the PayPal payment service available to purchase content from the Market Place, such as games or the fees of an Xbox Live Gold membership. Unfortunately, PayPal was even more fun than brake and turns the switch on this service only in 20 out of 200 countries, among them is whether Germany is still unclear.

Next we implemented a new DVD format that has the name XGD3 and allows the game developer and squeeze a rich Gigabyte more on silver discs. This can take the current 8 GB to 9 GB now accommodate some additional, visually appealing textures, so that future titles can compete with those of the competition - the PlayStation Network in Europe for the part is still offline. The update is now distributed, but not simultaneously to all Xbox systems, but from country to country in order to reduce traffic. Currently, the update seems to have not yet reached Europe, but this should be the case in the coming days.

But these were not all the advantages of the new XGD3 format. Apart from the increased capacity will accommodate even more stringent Microsoft anti-piracy measures it intended to prevent copying of the discs. According to some Microsoft Game Studios has since been really hard and is now working with them to develop this system further.

The new update is why reflashing the firmware directly including the DVD drive should also mean any firmware mod will be deleted. Among other things, but it should give some consoles that are incompatible with the update. Microsoft is offering a free upgrade for this program, however, that the console is replaced by a newer 250 GB version and also donated one years Xbox Live.