Nokia's first Windows Mobile 7 devices first in six EU countries

Symbian OS is Nokia's undoing, and the same in several respects. After having taken over for 250 million euros on the platform broke with the release of Apple's and Google's Android iOS a difficult time for the old-fashioned system. Symbian recently announced it dead and transferred all responsibilities to a service company that is now taking care of the Symbian fleet.

After all, Nokia had already opted for a long Neuanfag: Windows Phone 7 This seems in light of the fact that all the world relies on the powerful Android OS and Windows Mobile 7 is in these days of the biggest-sellers, a little odd.

Nokia's Windows Mobile 7
But in Finland it has made ​​the decision that they would not engage in Android, because there simply would lack the unique selling points - probably true, at least if one's unit is Rooted from the manufacturer's software remains very little. Therefore, the Finns joined together with colleagues from Redmond to its mobile operating system also could not sell so well. This alliance will strengthen both now and to position Windows Mobile 7 on the high end market. We may incorporate Nokia's own Ovi services such as Maps, the store's own and other adjustments, while Microsoft and Nokia has probably the best handset manufacturers in the hand, there was.

Very interesting is the marketing strategy, Nokia has planned. Thus, the first devices will first appear in the EU, specifically in Germany, France, Belgium, Britain, Spain and the Netherlands. Ironically, Finland is not among the countries that have access to Nokia's first Windows Mobile 7 devices. What's behind it can be difficult to assess. Much more important than the partner countries, the launch of Nokia devices themselves thus confirmed that even in 2011 the first units will be available - this time we are likely to come before the Americans the benefit of brand new hardware, it will be fascinating.

Source: Engadget