Sony launches official PlayStation 3 headset before

Are accessories for Sony's PlayStation 3 game console is now a dime a dozen. Especially popular but the accessories from Sony itself, because, in contrast to the other manufacturers is usually much more robust and stable. Accordingly, Sony will pay for all the negative news about the PlayStation Network, and the hacker attacks, back to your regular business and presents the official wireless headset for the PlayStation 3.

The headset is connected wirelessly through a USB adapter with the PlayStation 3 and offers virtual 7.1 surround sound for games like Killzone 3 or Gran Turismo 5 Whether it will be possible with the computer this headset to use is unclear. But one might well expect that it will be possible as the PlayStation 3 controller with a special driver. On the side of the headset there is a volume control and a button for muting the microphone. The microphone can be folded if not in use or in the way. On the screen you will find the current volume level, and the battery status of the headset.

According to Sony PlayStation blog is the PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset from September for $ 99 are available. When is it available here in Germany will cost and how much it will last at last in Europe is unclear.

Source: U.S. PlayStation Blog