Sony S2 - Dualscreen Android Tablet

It seems these days so that each well-known manufacturers have their own tablet in his program would have to continue to be involved in the electronics market. Today another Sony Tablet of the FCC went to the network, which differs from the previous Tablets significantly. Behind the name Sony S2 lies in fact no commercially available 7 "or 9" device, but a very unique design that brings both advantages and disadvantages.

It is the equivalent S2 Tablet Sony not having a big screen so, but with two small, and can be opened up like a notebook. This idea reminds us of the Acer Iconia, had a laptop keyboard instead of a second screen to create a variety of input opportunities.

Sony installed two 5.5-inch capacitive touch screens, each with a resolution of 1,024 x 480 pixels. Behind the glass facade lies lend a Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual-Core of the Android 3.0, the power needed to. As good as the data so far also sound like the Sony S2 Tablet awakened before its launch, the signs of childhood illness, which is about the WeTab stopped prematurely. Although Sony has chosen a very flexible with Android operating system, because even the integration of the two screens could be difficult, and cause massive problems with the apps on the Android Market. Hopefully it has enough at Sony thought about these issues, so that stands not for the customer as a beta tester.

Last but not least, the Sony S2 tab is still "Playstation certified, " which in retrospect is on the Xperia Xplay a logical consequence. So the games are shown on the upper window viewing, while the bottom screen serves as a mere touch controller and is in control. The reports of the FCC should result in the S2 already be available soon, and go for an impressive $ 699 its owner - whether one has taken over at this point was a little, even to be seen. The fact is, however, obtained for such a price, both the new Playstation Vita and a well-equipped Sony Vaio laptop, while the tablet is not likely to play, yet suitable for writing long texts really well.

Source: Expreview