Xperia duo - DualCore smartphone from Sony Ericsson

Behind the trend: It seems that smart phones come with two cores more and more trendy. believed, then Sony Ericsson's Android-based smartphone 'XPERIA duo "is already protected by trademark law, which suggests that it appears in the not too long ago.

This speculation gained reputation after a first impression on Friday from the Sony Ericsson Xperia will be released duo. "Judging from the picture after, we expect a 4.5-inch display compared to the 4.2-inch screen of the Xperia arc. It also seems as if it had a rounder shape (almost similar to HTC), in comparison to the more angular Xperia arc. Of course, this picture could very well be a fake, but we hope that it does not take too long until we get concrete information. " writes on her website. The mobile phone is, as already mentioned, using Android as the operating system.

Xperia duo

Sony Ericsson would thus follow the trend that began with its first LG Optimus Speed. Also, other manufacturers like Motorola, HTC and Nokia are now beginning to dual-core smartphones on the market. In late 2010, parallel to the announcement of the LG Optimus speed, Nvidia announced that dual-core would be for smartphones is now standard. Even smart phones are already quad-core "in the near future," the words from Nvidia.