Another Apple Siri versus Android Speaktoit showdown, this time from the UK

Virtual Assistants are all the rage these days with all the media attention around Apple and Siri. I myself, was not as excited since I have been using Vlingo as a Virtual Assistant, but really do not use it much. Vlingo works fine, I guess I am not the type who like to speak out commands. But, than again I am a bit of an old bloke used to doing things the old way.

Vlingo was my choice because I find to be useful in the only place a use it, while driving in a car. This is because Vlingo has a completely hands free mode. Vlingo works,  but does not have much in terms of "personality." 

After watching the nice people over at HardwareZone in Singapore test Apple's Siri versus Android Speaktoit I gave the app a try. Speaktoit does have a personality. How much personality? My wife commented, "Oh no, geeks are trying to create their own robot girl friends."

Not having an iPhone 4S to compare to Speaktoit, here instead is a YouTube video from someone who does:

Actually, based on my own use, Speaktoit does much more than this short comparison shows, but it does serve the purpose of a head-to-head.

Again, Speaktoit does seem like the better of the two apps. For places and navigation, Siri is still pretty useless outside the USA.